IT Transformation is Business Transformation! Why? How?

March 13, 2019

Author: Ravi Vishnubhotla, Senior Technical Architect (Insurance – FSI) Today, IT transformation (IT Strategy/Application Portfolio Rationalization) has become synonymous with business transformation. In this post discusses why has this happened and how can it be achieved. Why is IT Transformation same as Business Transformation today?As part of IT Transformation, businesses and clients go through IT strategy for 3-5 years to replace their existing legacy technology with newer or better technology. IT Transformation is…


3 Signs You Are Operating With Negative Energy as an Entrepreneur

August 18, 2018

When you first think about becoming an entrepreneur you hear about how it won’t be easy and it’s going to take some time to make a profit, and you might even hear about how many ideas will fail before you actually get that one idea that will blow up and bring you the success that you are looking for. After hearing all of that, you decided to start your entrepreneurial…