A Black Hat Veteran Reflects on the Hot Topics at This Year’s Conference

September 3, 2018

An especially thick haze hung over the Las Vegas valley as the smoke from the California wildfires drifted eastward. Combined with the excessive heat warnings — which in Las Vegas means it’s really hot — most people decided that staying inside and walking around the vendor floor at the annual Black Hat security conference wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Participants at this year’s event were treated to Elvis…


How a Cyberattack Framework Can Help Reduce Risk at All Levels, Part 2

August 8, 2018

This article is the second installment in a four-part series that examines how the X-Force IRIS framework can help identify opportunities for security practitioners to increase network security and lower risk by addressing the steps an adversary typically takes to attack a network. Be sure to read part one for the full scoop. Attackers are continually researching companies that are vulnerable to attack and refining their attack plan. However, there…