Feel Guilty About Selling? WATCH THIS

October 28, 2019

Do You Feel Guilty About Selling? This ONE Subtle Mindset Shift Will Change Your Perspective And Help You Close More Sales. If You Want To Know More Secrets To Close And Scale Your Business, Click Here: http://feelingguilty.danlok.link If you’re not closing the amount of sales you want, or if you get nervous and sweaty palms every time you enter a sales conversation, odds are, you feel guilty about selling. Don’t…


Body Language – How To Connect With Anyone On Stage

October 27, 2019

Are You Just Getting Into Public Speaking And Want To Know How To Connect With Anyone On Stage? Here’s Just One Of Dan’s Public Speaking Secrets. Want To Know More? Discover Them Here In Dan’s NEW Book, Unlock It: http://bodylanguage.danlok.link One of the biggest reasons why most people fear public speaking more than death is because they’re afraid people will either laugh at them or won’t listen to them. If…


Google Pixel Watch release date, price, news and leaks

May 14, 2019

Wear OS may soon be shown off in its full capacity with the release of the long rumored Google Pixel Watch. Previously some had expected Google to make its own smartwatch to show off everything Wear OS can do, in a similar way to the latest Android software and the Google Pixel range, but so far it hasn't happened. One report in mid-2018 from reliable Twitter leaker @Evleaks says he…