Couldn’t Be Me: Help, I work for an immoral company

October 19, 2019

Getty Images/iStockphoto In this week’s advice column: What to do when your employer has lost its moral compass. Welcome to Couldn’t Be Me, a weekly advice column where I solicit your personal dilemmas and help out as best as I can. Have something I can help you with? Find me @_Zeets. Too often, one’s moral code clashes with that of the corporation you work for. In a world where profit…


Top Story: Report Says Remote Employees May Work for Less

October 18, 2019

The virtual office isn’t just a benefit to small businesses looking to grow quickly — at least faster than they would in a physical office. But now, we’re seeing signs that this is truly something your employees, current and future, may prefer. This week, a new report from Owl Labs found that 34% of your employees would likely consider a pay cut to work remotely. Yes, you read that right….


Engineer Calls This Scientist ‘Unprofessional’ Because Of Her Red Hair And Tattoos, She Bashes Him On Twitter

August 4, 2019

Thankfully, the days of strict dress codes at work are slowly disappearing in most industries; bosses have finally cottoned on to the fact that forcing people to sit at a desk all day sweltering in a rigid suit and tie just doesn’t make any sense. Some habits die hard, however, and in traditionally male-dominated areas – which science still is, for now – women boldly expressing themselves at work are…


27 top character design tips

May 26, 2019

Character design can be a tricky beast to tackle. Creating your own character from scratch involves a lot of creative thinking. Although many of the classic characters familiar to us all through cartoons, movies and advertising look straightforward, a lot of skill and effort will have gone into making them so effective. From Mickey Mouse's famous three-fingered hands – drawn to save production time when he was first developed for…


Street art: 45 incredible examples to inspire you

May 25, 2019

Street art adorns streets all around the world. Urban graffiti might be the first type that springs to mind, but street art actually comes in loads of different forms, from sculptures to 'yarn bombing', and is also found in a diverse range of environments.  We've gathered together the work of our favourite street artists for this article, from famous faces you already know to relative unknowns you'll want to know…