12 Video Ideas to Improve Company Culture

March 10, 2019

Working in HR, it’s easy to feel stretched thin when building a company culture. You’d love to interact with every job candidate and employee, but time, resource, and geographic constraints mean that’s often not possible. Video removes those constraints and makes it possible to reach everyone and build a strong culture. Powerful and flexible, video can promote your company culture anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re targeting candidates, new hires, or seasoned…


Guy Shares What His Co-Worker James Does At Work And His Lack Of Common Sense Is Hilarious

January 26, 2019

Everyone with an office job knows that while the mundane setting of the business grows monotonous, it is often brightened up by cheeky casualness that is shared between the coworkers trying to escape the routine. And while most personalities are rather tame, every once in a while someone colorful emerges. In Kaleb Harmon’s case, it was an intern named James. More info: Twitter Kaleb Harmon shared some tidbits about an…


Hypnosis for Drinking: Does it Work?

December 6, 2018

“He likes to have a drink.” We all know that’s a euphemism for “he’s an alcoholic”. But whether you enjoy one drink a week or 10 drinks every day, the bottom line is, alcohol is a drug. And you may wish to stop doing this drug, no matter what level your involvement is with it. Just like with other drugs, such as smoking, it can be difficult to stop doing…


Yes, the Open Office Is Terrible — But It Doesn’t Have to Be (Ep. 358)

December 4, 2018

Feeling stressed from working in a noisy open office? Tell your boss that working from home increases worker productivity by 13 percent! (Photo: MaxPixel) It began as a post-war dream for a more collaborative and egalitarian workplace. It has evolved into a nightmare of noise and discomfort. Can the open office be saved, or should we all just be working from home? Listen and subscribe to our podcast at Apple…


J.J. Watt shows how Hurricane Harvey donations are making an impact, but there’s so much more to do

September 13, 2018

Work continues in Houston, but Watt’s impact has been immense. J.J. Watt started a movement in 2017 in the wake of Hurricane Harvey when a $200,000 crowdfunding effort started by the Texans’ All-Pro led over 200,000 people donating over $37 million to take his efforts up to $41.6 million in donations from around the world. Now, a year after the money was put to work Watt is showing what those…


The Pipeline: The Snapchat Spectacles Engineer Who Embraces Failure

July 28, 2018

Refinery29 is proud to present The Pipeline , our monthly commitment to highlighting young women who aren’t just making it in Silicon Valley — they’re thriving. This is your chance to hear the stories of the product designers, researchers, and engineers who are driving innovation and setting the stage for generations to come. These are the future faces of tech. Andrea Ashwood is used to receiving — and usually passing…


The Staffing Show, Episode 2: AMN President Ralph Henderson

July 23, 2018

In this episode of The Staffing Show, Caitlin Delohery, the Editor in Chief of Staffing Hub, interviews Ralph Henderson, the President of Staffing and Professional Services for AMN Healthcare, about creating a people-driven culture as you scale, adopting the tech that helps recruiters thrive, and making Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list. This interview took place at SIA’s 2018 Executive Forum — please excuse the background noise. It’s just the sound of the…


The 23 best icebreakers to use at a party where you don’t know anyone

July 16, 2018

Alexandra Wyman/Invision for Talent Resources/AP Images Parties where you know virtually no one can be awkward, especially if you’re not sure how to start a conversation. You could rely on the classic, “So what do you do for a living?” But then you run the risk of coming off as the least interesting or original person at the party. The following icebreakers should help you get an interesting conversation going…


How to deal with making and breaking a workplace affair, according to Ashley Madison’s resident sex therapist

July 16, 2018

LumineImages / Shutterstock Cheating is a fact of life, and people are unfaithful to their partners for many different reasons. But if you find yourself attracted to someone at work, things can quickly get complicated. According to Tammy Nelson, a sex therapist, you need to ensure you are both emotionally mature enough to handle the situation. Otherwise, the fallout can be messy. If handled badly, both your relationship and your…


Kate Spade’s close friend and business partner says the late designer left 4 seasons of completed work for her handbag company

July 13, 2018

Facebook/Frances Valentine Kate Spade was found dead by suicide in her apartment in New York City on June 5. She was 55. She leaves behind her husband, Andy Spade, and a 13-year-old daughter, Frances Beatrix Spade. Kate had not been part of her namesake handbag label for more than a decade, but she was at the helm of a new accessories business she and Andy founded in 2015, called Frances…