13 of the best keto foods that keep you full

October 15, 2018

Shutterstock/Jacek Chabraszewski Eating right on the keto diet can be a bit tricky, as you’ll want to focus on the right food choices that will keep you in ketosis all day long. And of course, that means avoiding sugary and processed foods as much as possible, as these foods can jeopardize all that fat-burning action you worked so very hard to achieve. To keep you fuller longer, registered dietitian Abbey…


Fiber Reduces Inflammation and Preserves Brain Function

By Dr. Mercola Dietary fiber has been noted as a remarkable nutrient because of the many functions it can perform in your body. Getting the ideal amounts of dietary fiber can help you maintain your weight, improve your blood sugar profile, support your immune system, control gut problems that can cause both hemorrhoids and chronic constipation and even positively impact your brain health. But new research in the journal Frontiers…

October 14, 2018

How to install Linux apps on your Chromebook

Chromebooks have always been great at the basics like watching Netflix or checking email. Android apps brought a few more productivity tools, but Chromebooks are about to get a lot more useful with the addition of Linux apps. Products used in this guide Amazon: Google Pixelbook – 128GB storage ($999) Check your Chrome OS version Installing Linux apps requires your Chromebook to be running Chrome OS 69 or later. If…

October 7, 2018

What Do Air Filters Have to Do With Your Blood Pressure?

By Dr. Mercola In a study published in The Lancet,1 researchers called air pollution the “largest environmental cause of disease and premature death in the world today.” More than 9 million premature deaths were caused by air pollution in 2015, nearly 16 percent of deaths worldwide. This was three times more deaths than attributed to tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS combined. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 92 percent of…

October 6, 2018

5 Tips For Creating Thought Leadership Content People Will Actually Read

October 4, 2018

Take a moment to consider the huge number of media and publishing outlets that are searching for content every day. By lowering the traditional barriers to entry for publishers and writers, the transition from print to digital media has cleared the way for a vast range of business publications – many of which cover unique niches that have been neglected in the past. At the same time, there are still…


3 Reasons Every Small Business Owner MUST Maintain the Books

October 3, 2018

Last week in a discussion with a business coaching client, I asked if she had updated bookkeeping and accounting records that would help her make the best business decision for a big question about her business. “No,” she replied, she didn’t have updated books. Without them, any decision regarding product lines, pricing, or customer capacity is just a guess! Guessing is not the way to run a business. On the contrary, every…


How Building an Offline Community Can Help Your Online Marketing

UCLA scientists found that sixth graders who went five days without using a smartphone or digital screen were better at reading human emotions than those who stayed online. As evident by UCLA’s study, offline communication is critical for maintaining relationships. In business, nearly 100% of people say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term relationships. However, most business interactions exist primarily online. Online communities can create meaningful connections that lead to…

September 26, 2018

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Days Photo Journal, Purely Vegan, PixelMaze and More

Organize important memories, craft tasty vegan dishes, and solve pixel mazes with today’s collection of apps and games. All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers. iPhone: Days Photo Journal ($1.99 → Free, 64.5 MB): Keep your memories organized with Days Photo Journal. Those interested in recording history. Days Photo…

September 12, 2018

5 Signs You Have Depression Without Knowing

September 12, 2018

Need help with your or your depression, anxiety or mental health? Get help here – https://betterhelp.com/authenticmentalhealth You can be depressed without even knowing, but how can you seek or get help for depression if you don’t know you’re depressed? Here are 5 Signs You Have Depression Without Knowing. 1. You don’t feel anything 2. You sleep way too much or not at all 3. Moving thinking or talking slowly 4….


Medical Cannabis Offers New Hope for Those With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

September 3, 2018

By Dr. Mercola The marijuana plant contains more than 60 different cannabinoids; chemical compounds the human body is uniquely equipped to respond to. The two primary ones are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the latter of which is the psychoactive component. Cannabinoids interact with your body by way of naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors embedded in cell membranes throughout your body. There are cannabinoid receptors in your brain, lungs, liver, kidneys,…