The most valuable venture-backed startups in all 50 states

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Venture capital-backed companies based out of California are usually recognizable. But what can get lost in the mix are the companies based throughout the rest of the country.

VC research firm Pitchbook compiled every state’s most valuable VC-backed startup into an interactive graphic

We assembled all 50 startups, including that of Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Take a look below for most valuable startups in every state throughout the US. 

Alabama: ContinuumRx

Name: ContinuumRx

Valuation: $20 million

Amount of funding raised: $20.5 million

Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

ContinuumRx is a health technology startup, partnering with health systems and hospitals to provide home infusion services — basically, intravenous medication administration — to patients transitioning from health centers to their homes. 


Alaska: NordAq Energy
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Name: NordAq Energy

Equity funding: $90 million (Note: Pitchbook doesn’t have valuation data for startups in Alaska, so it listed the one that had raised the most venture capital, instead)

Headquarters: Anchorage, Alaska

NordAq Energy provides oil and gas exploration services throughout the state of Alaska, specifically tapping into the state’s hydrocarbon reserves. 

Note that NordAq’s website was “disabled” at the time of writing, per a message that appears when you try to visit it. The company did not respond to repeated requests for information on whether or not it is still in business. 

Arizona: InfusionSoft

Name: InfusionSoft

Valuation: $500 million

Amount of funding raised: $127.9 million

Headquarters: Chandler, Arizona

InfusionSoft is a software company that provides small businesses with an all-in-one set of sales and marketing tools.

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