There’s nothing lightweight about how LwM2M empowers IoT devices

As the numbers of sensors grow from a low base in early trial deployments, device management and data orchestration are critical capabilities for IoT success. Robin Duke-Woolley, the chief executive of Beecham Research, interviewed Slawomir Wolf, the CEO of AVSystem, to understand the company’s offerings and to gauge his perception of market development.

Robin Duke-Woolley: What is the role that AVSystem wants to play in the IoT market? What has been your story so far and how does your vision fit with IoT?

Slawomir Wolf: We have the ambition to be a key vendor in IoT ecosystems. We have a strong offering in device management where we utilise the Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) specification to empower IoT devices. It is a great technology being adopted widely by telecoms operators. Our solution – Coiote IoT Device Management – is a top-ranking device management platform. Our second product – Coiote IoT Data Orchestration – is more focused on data processing, presentation, reporting and integration with different systems or data sources. It can readily be an integration layer for several systems and it is designed to fulfil enterprise needs with carrier-grade scalability. Either product can operate as standalone, in-house installed solutions or hosted in the cloud. Our value is that we come from the telecoms world where standards and interoperability are really important. With more than 100 deliveries completed worldwide for different telecoms players, we bring to enterprises features like flexibility, reliability, security and scalability out of the box.

RD-W: The IoT market is currently very crowded with different vendors offering different solutions at different levels. What is the unique proposition that AVSystem has to offer in the market? What are the key areas of specialisation for you?

SW: This is very true. The market is crowded and you can easily find more than 400 different IoT platforms. Our vision is simple – we are focused and specialised. You cannot do everything. Our area of expertise is device management and integration. If you add here our embedded endpoint for device management using LwM2M protocols – – and the LwM2M software developer kit (SDK) which we open sourced for everybody, most probably we are the only company on the market able to offer such a trinity of products.

I have been saying for many years: if you want to build or introduce your IoT or services around IoT, you need to first think about device management. There is no IoT without device management. All connected devices must be securely managed. Security fixes need to be applied in firmware by doing firmware over the air (FOTA). Secure telemetry channels for data you want to collect from devices need to be established and maintained. All of this means you need to have a proper device management solution in place. We are not talking here about a system handling say 2,000 devices, which is easy to do. We are talking about a system hosting 50 or 100 million sensors. That sort of scale can be a challenge, but not for […]

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