Theresa May could be forced to accept a soft Brexit thanks to this little-noticed amendment

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The UK parliament passed an amendment to the EU withdrawal Bill which commits Theresa May to avoid a hard border or any new “checks and controls” between Northern Ireland and the Republic.
Some MPs believe this will force May to effectively stay within the single market and customs union after Brexit.
The government last night gave into rebel demands to hand MPs an effective veto on May’s Brexit deal.
Conservative Brexiteers fear Britain is heading for “BINO” (Brexit in Name Only.)

LONDON — On Tuesday night MPs passed a little-noticed amendment to the EU Withdrawal bill, which many MPs now believe could effectively force Britain to stay in the single market after Brexit.

The Lords amendment number 25, which was voted through by MPs last night, states that the UK government must not do anything which is incompatible with the Northern Ireland Act 1998.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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