These People Took Apart An Old RV And Turned It Into A Totally Sustainable Home On Wheels

Have you ever just wanted to pack up your home, drive off, and live on the open road?

While that idea seems far from reality for most of us, one couple made their dream of a nomadic lifestyle come true. They’ve been living their best lives in an RV for over a year with their two dogs.

Ching Fu and Jerud Crandall are outdoor enthusiasts who travel around the country without depending on fossil fuels. They bought an old RV in 2011, spent a year converting it into a sustainable home, and now have an amazing vehicle that is completely powered by solar panels.

This is how the RV looked when they bought it.

As you can see, there wasn’t anything particularly special about it.

Sure, it already had a nice setup, but Fu and Crandall transformed it into an awesome adventure mobile.

With the help of a friend, they got started with the rebuild in 2013 by tearing off the roof.

They took off the entire shell and proceeded to remove mostly everything because of water damage.

The bedroom was rotting and unlivable, so they ripped the whole thing out.

The kitchen wall wasn’t much better, so they tore that out, too, and got rid of the floor.

Then it was time to rebuild the bedroom and kitchen into cozy areas.

With all of the rooms in much better shape, they added two layers of insulation around the vehicle.

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The last big step for the outside was attaching a new RV shell.

And with a little interior remodeling, they were left with this awesome living space.

However, the inside isn’t even the best part about this home on wheels.

Fu and Crandall also attached 1,220 watts of solar panels to the roof, allowing the RV they nicknamed “Toaster” to run on 100 percent clean energy. Even their appliances run off of solar energy!

The RV even has its own water tanks for drinking, showering, and sewage.

Fu says, “Our lifestyle and setup on the road is driven by our belief that with our passion for the outdoors comes our responsibility to take care of it.”

They’ve certainly done that, because they have been able to travel across the U.S. and Canada without having to rely on fossil fuels.

Because of their untethered way of life, they constantly get to witness incredible sights.

The couple and their dogs have been on the road for one and a half years, and they don’t plan on returning to living in a house anytime soon.

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With destinations like these, who could blame them?

You can follow along with this family’s awesome travels on Instagram, Facebook, and their website.

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