This Huge Wildfire In Canada Is Surely What The End Of Days Will Look Like

If you haven’t heard already, a large swath of northwestern Canada, near Calgary, the energy heartland of the country, is currently in flames. A fast-advancing wildfire is threatening thousands of homes and lives. The images coming from the front line of the fire are absolutely devastating. This is what I imagine the apocalypse will look like…

The fire, which started Sunday, has only grown in intensity. So far, it had consumed 18,500 acres and forced the evacuations of at least 88,000 people.


The majority of those evacuations have taken place in and around the city of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada.

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That number of evacuees is expected to climb as fire conditions continue to worsen over the coming days. Thankfully, though, a break in the unusually hot and humid weather is expected over the weekend with a chance of rain.


In addition to destroying close to 1,600 buildings in the Fort McMurray area, the fire has also forced much of Alberta’s lucrative oil production to a halt. Many oil companies not directly impacted by the wildfire have also chosen to cease operations fearing future highway closures.


While the cause of the fire is unclear, many have already blamed the worsening conditions on climate change.


Luckily there have been no casualties directly related to the fire, but evacuation centers near the blaze are close to full and many are running short on food and water.


(via Reuters)

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Canada. Let’s hope the rain this weekend will make it easier for crews to get a handle on the blaze.

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