This Male Model Could Turn Anyone’s Head. But What Happened To Him Will Make Your Heart Sink.

In a society where the word “anorexic” is thrown around without a second thought, this disorder is sometimes ignored. And when it’s not ignored, it’s virtually always attributed to women. Enter Jeremy Gillitzer, a former fashion model. A man that would turn the head of anyone in the area. A man that everyone should know about.

This is Jeremy Gillitzer

This is also Jeremy Gillitzer.

From the age of 12, Jeremy turned to starvation as a way to cope after discovering his sexuality. “It serves two purposes,” Jeremy says. “It serves a very applied purpose in that if you’re doing the behaviors, you don’t have time to think about being gay. And also being malnourished, you don’t feel sexual, so you don’t have to worry about being gay or straight.”

After being in several hospitals and even being on suicide watch, something incredible happened when Jeremy turned 21. He got better. “It took a couple of years, and it was kind of exploring on my own, and then it was telling a trusted family member, and then another one of them, and then friends, and the next thing you know, you’re in drag,” Jeremy said with a laugh.

With a new thirst for life, Jeremy got into bodybuilding much like he was previously into starvation. It was a great time of his life. He modeled for fashion companies and he even had “Jeremy’s Campaign for Congress” on his checks. He felt full of life for several years.

Then it all fell apart. His mother became severely ill and his only relationship he ever had fell apart, ending in serious pain. All of Jeremy’s psychological problems returned. “The actual act of purging relieves anxiety—physiologically, it’s one of the things it does,” Jeremy said.

Over the next several years, it was more of the same. His fingers would turn blue even when it wasn’t cold. He would binge and then purge – repeatedly. He was down to 109 pounds.

And then he hit 99 pounds. At that point, he wrote on his blog: “My hair is falling out and growing on my body…to keep me warm. My gums are receding. My reproductive system is dormant…or dead. I am hunchbacked because my muscles cannot support my neck. I am extremely constipated. I have a bedsore on my tailbone from the friction. An 80-year-old lady, you ask? No, a 35-year-old man.”

At the age of 37, he felt slightly motivated to turn his life around.

At 38 – Jeremy was dead.

This tragic disorder is hardly taken seriously in society, especially when it involves men. Don’t let there be another Jeremy.

Jeremy’s psychological and physical battle only finally ended when he died from it. It’s a tragedy nearly beyond words, but awareness is the only way to prevent there from being another boy like Jeremy.

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