This Mom Has Two Kids, But Only Remembers Birthing One Of Them — Here’s Why

Labor is never easy, but the majority of moms come out of the experience with feelings of euphoria. Lousier Chapman, on the other hand, doesn’t remember anything about the birth of her daughter.

The 24-year-old went into labor several weeks before her daughter, Olivia, was due, but a premature birth was the least of doctors’ concerns. The young mother’s placenta has detached from her uterine wall, resulting in mass hemorrhaging. An emergency C-section was performed, but no one expected that Chapman would be allergic to common antibiotics.

While on the operating table, Chapman died for a full seven minutes. After doctors revived her, they were forced to induce a 10-day coma.

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When Chapman woke up, she had short-term memory loss. She remembered being pregnant but had no recollection of birthing her daughter.

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