Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Spicy While Raising Kids

Ways to Keep Your Marriage Spicy While Raising Kids

Marriage is all about starting a family and that includes kids. It goes without saying that every married couple plans kids in their subconscious mind all along the way.

People meet, they fall in love and get married. Few beginning years normally prove to be the most magical time of every married couple. They have fewer responsibilities, lots of free time and no need for any kind of discipline. A husband and a wife live only for each other until they become parents.

Things change for married couples when a child is born

The mother needs to dedicate a lot of her time and energy to the child care.

She has to spend her day as per the child’s routine and needs. Getting up and sleeping with a child, feeding the child, taking care of hygiene and much more. The list goes on. With increased expenses, financial responsibilities also get more serious.  

Both husband and wife have to work on all fronts with complete dedication to give a child a stable and healthy life.

Among all these, sometimes, the romance, excitement and love between a married couple fade away. It’s natural and not uncommon. There are many reasons why married people with kids can find a distance between them.

Does any couple want that to happen? Of course not.

So what do we do to rekindle the flame and bring back the warmth in the relationship? Well, there are many ways to enjoy an everlasting romance even after having kids if we set our priorities straight.

Taking out time for each other

Having a kid can turn everything around. Especially time availability. There will be very less free time available, especially for mother. It is a full-time job to be a mother without any breaks. This will surely reflect upon a couple’s relationship.

To fight this problem, a married couple can plan a date or dinner or anything else of their choice to do together.

It must be highlighted here though, that this activity, whatever it may be, should be planned without the kid. Advance planning and proper arrangements make everything smooth and hassle-free.

To make sure that this routine is maintained on regular basis, fixing a particular date or dates during every month would help tremendously. Just wait for the date night and feel the magic again.

 Keep the romance alive

All married people, irrespective of what type of life they live after five to seven year of their marriage, would agree to one thing. The happiest part of their marriage was the first couple of year after their union. There was love, romance, care, intimacy and most of all there were no disagreements.

Flowers, candlelight dinners, gifts now and then and most importantly, spending a lot of quality time together help a lot to keep the glow bright. So why to break the tradition now. Remember your magical days and repeat the things you loved the most. Romance away.  

Enjoy intimacy

Physical intimacy plays a great role in a happy married life

Physical intimacy plays a great role in a happy married life.

Enjoy each other’s company as much as possible. It helps a lot in strengthening the relationship in the long haul.

It helps to create a  magical connection between husband and wife. Feel the magic and live in complete awe. Try things.

Small vacations now and then

Family vacations are a must.

Try to plan a vacation at least twice a year. It helps to relax and gives a break from the daily routine. Vacations can be a very good time to clear your unresolved conflicts also.

Happy and relaxed people are easy to approach and to convince. It goes both ways.  

Enjoy a lively social life

Roam in your friend circle a lot. More the merrier. Friends can give you a lot of positive energy. I know it doesn’t sound completely right but getting married, having a kid and thinking about a safe financial future, can be very exhausting.

Happy friends around you will give you the energy to go on.

Watch a lot of movies

It might not sound so smart but watching movies together is a very helpful tool to intensify the depth of your relationship.

Sitting in dark, holding each other’s hand, enjoying the emotions which shake your inside so badly your teeth chatters. So cozy and touchy. Do it as much as you can.

Take care of each other

Taking care of each other makes everything better. It’s the right way to show how much your partner is important to you. Helping now and then in small things, talking about just nothing and keeping a check on each other’s health really matters.

To praise we have to clap with both hands. Meaning, life presents the same challenges equally for both people in any relationship, at least one should not take anything for granted.

Spending time with the same gender

Encourage your partner to spend time with friends

Giving space to each other is good. The best way to do it is to encourage your partner to spend time with friends of the same gender.

Wife with her girlfriends and husband with his boyfriends. This experience gives a very satisfactory feeling of not losing your free and old life at the same time enjoying the blissful new family life.

Don’t blame

Things can go wrong now and then. It’s under no-one’s control.  

So, take a moment and think before saying something to each other which sounds like an accusation.  It can make things a little difficult.

Having said all that

Sometimes we plan a different thing and face something else entirely.

Sometimes everything goes exactly how we plan. How to make the best out of every situation is the main chord here. Once you touch that chord with the right energy, life will become music.

Relationships need time and patience, doesn’t matter how new or old are they. Give them time to breathe and they will become as rich and as erotic as the nicest and the oldest of wine made with finest of Italian grapes.

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