Unlikely Brands That Are Smashing Social Media

We strongly believe that any brand can have a useful and fun presence on social media. Brands are often so confident that they can do this that they use in-house staff. And a lot of that confidence is derived from knowing that their business works well on social media.

You’ve seen this happen. Coca Cola thrive on social media. The brand is essentially made for viral, clever marketing in short bites. And social media has become it’s marketing home. Fashion brands belong on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as pretty much everywhere else. If it’s visual, colourful and fun, your product belongs on social.

Notice we used the word ‘product’ rather than ‘service’. Services aren’t as easy as products are when it comes marketing on social. The biggest platforms got to where they are because they’ve worked hard, but it’s a lot easier if you have a visual product that appeals to audiences.

Unlikely Brands That Are Smashing Social Media

So here are just a few brands that are actually making huge waves on social media, but perhaps despite their product or service being incredibly ‘non social media’. We think you’ll find that they make for great examples of social media marketing, and that’s with products or services that really shouldn’t work.

International Delight

This is not the world’s most recognisable coffee creamer brand, not by a long shot. But it does have a social media team that knows what it’s doing.

The brand have now been making a huge impact on Pinterest for a number of years. The work is colourful and, above all, useful. There’s not a part of their Pinterest work that isn’t something the audience can pick up and run with. Recipes, ideas and hacks are all over it. So what International Delight has done is create a useful resource.

However, when you use the phrase ‘coffee creamer’ it doesn’t leap out at you as something that belongs on social media. So they’ve done an excellent job.

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