Watch This Video — Introducing Harry’s American Internet Cowboys

Hey friends! I came across this video from Harry’s, a shaving company based out of the US. They are awesome, and I can’t believe how well this video shows off who they are — check it out!

Every company tries to make an explainer video that goes over what they do, but in my humble opinion, Harry’s really nails it with this one. In under three minutes, Harry’s manages to introduce you to the founders, talk about their process, share some anecdotes about starting the business, and most importantly set up the problem and how they fix it. That’s a big, big job for such a short video!

I especially like it because Harry’s is a unique business – they’re a tech startup that happens to sell a physical product that they also own manufacture themselves. And this video gives us a sneak peek into every side of the business. From interviewing their founders in the office, to showing you the factory they bought in Germany, we get to see everything that goes into making a Harry’s razor, and I love that.

Now, they do touch on their competitors a few times — especially when they got sued by them — but use that as a way to to showcase their customers. To me, this makes the video more effective and helps me connect even more with their brand. They’re taking on a big competitor, and obviously they’re being noticed.

On top of all that, Harry’s actually does a really great job of interacting with their customers on YouTube, and replies pretty quickly to questions, comments, and hate mail. I was super impressed by this video, and I hope you can take a few lessons away from the way it was filmed, and the messaging they chose!


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