We compared the food courts at Costco and Sam’s Club, and the winner is crystal clear (COST, WMT)

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Costco and Sam’s Club are extremely popular in the United States, and while memberships are needed to buy items, the food courts are open to all. 
We decided to compare the food from two of the biggest bulk retail chains in the country: Costco and Sam’s Club.
Both had nearly identical set-ups and price points, but Costco’s larger selection and shockingly good quality won out in the end. 

Costco and Sam’s Club are shining basilicas of American bulk shopping.

Within their hallowed — and exclusive — corrugated-metal-and-concrete walls, shoppers grab pounds of pasta and peanut butter amid miles of aisles of marked-down goods. 

There is virtually nothing that isn’t offered by these warehouse giants — coffins, cars, even vacation packages can be purchased through their services. And even Amazon can’t stand in the way of bulk efficiency, as Costco’s most recent quarterly earnings report showed. 

And no matter which warehouse store you’re shopping in, you’re bound to get hungry. Luckily, both Costco and Sam’s Club have mini food courts to satiate hungry shoppers. While they may look rather bare-bones, make no mistake: under the right circumstances, the food can be shockingly good. 

We visited a Costco food court and were floored by the quality and downright deliciousness of some of the options — it was suspiciously good. So, we decided to head over to one of Costco’s biggest competitors, Sam’s Club, to find out if its food could beat the best:

First, a recap of Costco’s highlights.
Hollis Johnson
Costco has a fairly large amount on its menu considering it’s a tiny kitchen hidden within a bulk retailer.
Hollis Johnson

This entire spread — cheese pizza, hot dog, three different sandwiches, a quasi-stromboli, a soda, and a churro — cost just over $25. That’s pretty impressive. 

The pizza is fine, but nothing astounding.
Hollis Johnson

It’s a large, doughy, slice that’s similar in taste to Pizza Hut — salty, with a slightly sweet sauce. It’s nothing special, but for $1.99, I wasn’t complaining. 

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