Why are Republicans covering up for Trump’s historically unpopular Supreme Court nominee?

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The confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh, the unindicted co-conspirator’s Supreme Court nominee, opened Tuesday morning with protests and demands for adjournment from Democratic senators who are incensed over a last-minute release of tens of thousands of documents Monday night, giving senators no time to review them.

Democrats are putting the focus on the massive document cover-up, a “Black Hole” of 35 months in Sen. Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) words, when Kavanaugh was entrenched in George W. Bush’s Oval Office. What was going on in those 35 months? What was happening in those three years is much of what’s at stake with this confirmation: same sex marriage, federal partial birth abortion ban, torture, unlimited detention power.

The public seems to be agreeing with Democrats that this nomination should not be rushed through. In the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, Kavanaugh gets anemic support—just 38 percent support this nomination, while 39 percent are opposed. But here’s the kicker: “Kavanaugh’s confirmation gets strong thumbs down in the Northeast (33/43 percent) and the West (33/46)—which should be of note to the GOP pro-choice senator from Maine (Susan Collins) and from Alaska (Lisa Murkowski).”

Since arguments about the Constitution and the health and strength of our democratic republic don’t seem to make a dent with Republicans—especially Susan Collins!—maybe raw politics will. Maybe saving their own political skins will appeal to Collins and Murkowski. Call them to ask.

Every Democratic senator must announce their opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation immediately. Use this tool to tell your senators—Democratic and Republican—to oppose this confirmation.

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