Why frequent flyers should be sent into exile | Lucy Mangan

News that 1% of England’s residents take 20% of flights abroad is yet more proof that a handful of people ruin things for the rest of us

New figures released in a Department of Transport survey show that the top 10% of the most frequent flyers in England took more than 50% of all international flights last year and that 1% of English residents took nearly 20% of all flights abroad. By contrast, 48% of us (hello! My name is Lucy Mangan and I do not even have a passport) took no flights abroad at all.

It is a reminder of the eternal truth that in most areas of life it is a particularly poisonous – almost literally in this case – few that ruin things for the rest of us. From the people who drive with their radios at full blast and shatter the peace of every passerby to the handful of companies that set the bar for workers’ rights (and lack thereof) and make it uncompetitive for anyone else to do right by theirs, to the handful of billionaires who carry on sucking up the world’s money and resources, to the megalomaniac elite who dominate our politics – wherever you look, this kind of disproportion is embedded.

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